Treat Your Employees Well – The Easiest Investment

Gentle Readers,

My full-time gig has been up to some shenanigans lately, and that is directly impacting me. They’ve compounded their errors. They’ve made themselves bad employers. They will lose a good employee.

I filed my taxes on May 17th. I run a small business and have investments in a friend’s small business, and an IRA, but the problem came from one of my 3 W2 employers last year.

Agency X never sent my W2 to me. I informed them as soon as it was reasonable. I gave them time for mailing. They ignored my email. I emailed every week until May 17th to force them to fix their error.

In the middle of last year I had moved jurisdictions and they never updated. They mailed my Personally Identifiable Information to a stranger. Then ignored me. They took my taxes out for the wrong jurisdiction, and ignored my emails.

I had to file for an extension when they finally believed me that they were in error. I had to repeatedly ask them how they were going to handle the breach of my security. Finally, after the filing deadline, they agreed that I could pay for Lifelock and they would reimburse me.

No apologies for messing up my taxes. No apologies for ignoring me. And now I have to wait for their accounts payable to handle my receipt.

Then, last week their contractor informed me that I needed to perform work tasks for no pay. I asked my Agency how this could be legal. They ignored me.

They continue to ignore me. I decided to wait to see how the family emergency went before telling my agency to take me off this project. Honestly, I expected them to acknowledge my email informing them that I did not know when I would return due to the nature of the emergency.

Nada. Zilch. Nothing.

A simple, standard, “I hope you are ok, and let us know when you’ll return,” would have made an enormous difference.

It is now Monday, and I have heard nothing. I sent them the Lifelock bill. I’ll show up to work tomorrow, but I will not do work for which I am not paid. I am not currently planning on sending another email to let them know that I do not perform work for free. I will just continue performing the work for which I am paid until they tell me to stop.

There are other gigs. There are gigs that treat you decently. I am a good worker. I take my jobs seriously. It will be difficult to consider working for this agency ever again. This is just too many errors. The biggest error being the failure to communicate.

They will waste a month getting someone to replace me. A bad choice, when paying me the 2 or 3 hours to perform the work would ensure that they can finish their project on time.

Have you ever waited to be fired after having done everything right?

Author: ZJ Thorne

Lesbian on the path to Financial Freedom

  • Mrs. Groovy

    Sorry to hear about your family emergency. I hope all turns out OK.

    Have you ever heard the expression “From pigs you get grunts”? Your employers are pigs. The normal, human behavior you seek from them just isn’t going to come.

    Interesting aside. Some years ago I worked for a small employer. I filed my tax return but my refund never came, I called the IRS and they needed the tax ID. I called the owner, who I no longer worked for at this point, and got it. But this still didn’t resolve my problem. It turns out he took my taxes out of my checks but never forwarded them to the IRS. I asked the IRS “Now what? Do I wait for him to fork it over?” They told me, no. I paid into the system and they would process my refund. AND they’d go after the employer for the taxes and a huge penalty.

    The employer’s motto was “Truth, integrity” – yada yada. Boy did I rip the owner a new one after that. He was trying to keep his business afloat, robbing Paul to pay Peter. Basically he took taxes out of all my pay checks and used the money himself.

    • Wow. I’m glad you did not have to go after your old boss personally. Small businesses are hard to run, but stealing tax money is never going to make it better.

      I’m frustrated, in part, because this mega corporation can’t get their stuff together. What’s the point in having a payroll department if you still can’t get it right?

  • I have some coworkers who feel this way that the hammer is coming down at any moment. After seeing several people let go in the last year, I don’t think they’re wrong for feeling this way. I hope all turns out well and you find a truly awesome employer!

    • Lucky for me, I am a temp employee working through an agency. There are many agencies where I live. This agency used to be great, but things have changed in the past 4 months. As a temp, you never know who you will work with next. At the least, we know that working with X miserable person/environment will end soon. There are good and bad things with that.

      I hope that my LLC can hire me full time and then I only have to deal with clients.

  • I am so sorry to hear about your awful experience. You deserve to be treated with respect and to be paid accordingly, and NOT have your personal information put at risk. I used to use agencies to obtain office coverage and know that there are a lot of bad eggs out there. Hopefully your next agency will treat you a little better.You are very smart and I have no doubt be that you will be back on your feet in no time.

    • Thank you. I’m most surprised because this used to be the absolute best agency in terms of how it treated temps. Definitely been some bad changes in past few months, but I can’t see why.

  • Sorry to hear you had problems with your employer.

    It’s hard to find good companies nowadays, not only for employment but also life services like hosting, phone companies, banks, etc.

    It’s a jungle!

    • So true! It’s partially why I want to achieve financial independence. There’s so much incompetence and lack of work ethic. My girlfriend and I were in a city this weekend where every service or good we tried to enjoy was just incredibly frustrating. Happy to be home.