Net Worth Week 85 – Thanksgiving Edition

Gentle Readers,
I have not yet been formally offered a gig. That means I earned no money this week. That’s frustrating, but it acted as a form of bereavement leave.  It also gave me time to be on the phone figuring out estate management. I began much of the estate process. I am still unsure of a few things, but I’ve made big strides. This is mainly because he had little and I had the time beforehand to get an idea of where he had accounts.
Unfortunately, Earnest did not allow a month-long break on paying. Apparently that is only for people who have their student loans through them. The only option for a break is a 3 month break. I hope that won’t be necessary.
I changed some accounts around. The health account was subsumed into the EF. I now have a line-item for the plane tickets I need to repay my brother for. He hasn’t told me the particular amount, but he will eventually. We’ve agreed that I will repay it when it won’t hurt me financially. That is, after I have a gig for a few weeks. Or when the life insurance pays out.
I got to spend Thanksgiving with one of my favorite families. The food and friendship were restorative. I got to hear stories from her children. I got to have a glass of very fancy whisky to celebrate her husband’s promotion.  It was lovely.

This week’s net worth numbers

11/17/2017 11/24/2017
 Joy 1110 1110
 Travel 1  1
 Down Payment 19 19
 Retirement 21 21
 Moving 286 286
 EF 11 57
 Business 5 5
Life 2855 2471
IRA 15827  15966
 Brokerage  851  858
 Rewards Card 2 -891  -1587
 CC (largest  0  0
 CC (longest 0  0
 Rewards Card -5613 (BT)  -5613 (BT)
 SL 1 -105833  -105899
SL 2 -46642 -46672
Earnest -2277 -2279
 Repay brother -600?
 Net Worth -140224 -141855
 Percentage Change .31% -1.16%

How were your Thanksgivings?