Net Worth Week 76 – Grief Approaches Edition

Gentle Readers,
I went to the baby-shower, and was a good family-member. I  showed up, but then I got the call no one wants. A family member has a terminal illness. The outlook is dim. It is possible he could be the outlier who lives, but the odds are not high. Very not high.
This week has been heavy and so draining. It will get worse.
Next week, I will receive my first set of invisalign and begin adjusting my teeth, and I will try to get everything I can done for my business and my job in anticipation of my flight to visit my family member for potentially the last time.
Thankfully, I work by the hour in my gig. I told them I won’t be there and I don’t have to think about them when I am gone. I do have to think about ensuring I earn enough money. But that is a problem for future ZJ. Right now, I need to be near him.
This week I’ve turned to my friends, without betraying his desire for privacy. I ate in their homes and read bedtime stories to their kids. I told them of my pain and they listened. They show up for me. They provided food and a willing ear.

This week’s net worth numbers

9/15/2017 9/22/2017
 Joy 1109 1109
 Travel 1  1
 Down Payment 19 19
 Retirement 21 21
 Health 46 46
 Moving 286 286
 EF 11 11
Business 5 5
Life 4107  4548
 IRA  13882  14213
 Brokerage 823  837
 Rewards Card 2 -6345 0
 CC (largest) 0  0
 CC (longest) 0  0
 Rewards Card 0  -6270 (BT)
SL 1 -105619 -105734
SL 2 -46544 -46596
 Earnest -3154 -3160
 Net Worth -141352 -140664
 Percentage Change -1.14% .49%

How have you handled anticipated grief?

On Prince Passing Showing Us How to Live

Gentle Readers,

We all know that Prince passed at the young age of 57 last week. How he lived is just now coming to light. This blog is just as much a place to discuss how to be good as it is about how to handle money well. Please allow this indulgence.

His death hurt. It was unexpected for most people. He was incredibly young and still prolific. He meant so much to so many. His music, his aesthetic, his shade – they all impacted people. If he had only given the world his music, it would have been enough.

But, Prince was more than that. He was a man of great goodness. And he did it secretly.

Unlike so many other celebrities and singers whose lives showcased their disregard for others and their literal assaults on people, Prince has not had any stories surface that even accuse him of wrongdoing. No confirmed reports. No rumors. Nothing.

He was a profoundly good man and an immensely private one. So many stories have surfaced of him making sure that other people, especially black women, were given opportunities and guidance according to their talents. Misty Copeland, Beyoncé, and so many other artists were directly impacted by his efforts.

His financial support helped libraries at risk of closure,  provided solar power in under-served communities, Trayvon Martin’s family, and so many others who have not yet shared what he did for them. He was one of the brains behind one of the largest projects to teach young people how to code. He used his money and influence to make his communities better, but avoided having his name and fame overshadow the important things he was supporting. He did not need the good press from these efforts. He did them because they were good and he wanted to.

He did all this and more without seeking credit. He directly lifted others, and allowed them to to in the right place at the right time to show the world what those people could do.

He accepted the world, but worked very hard to make it better. He preferred that we not know that about him.

I hope we can all strive to be our own version of the person Prince was. He loved himself and others and used this love to advance them. He would shade you if you needed it, too. We all need to be shaded at times.

I hope that the stars are as perfect as Paisley Park.

Thank you for being, sir.


Have you been surprised to learn what Prince has done for others?