Net Worth Week 96 – Single Edition

Gentle Readers,
My gig ended Monday and I have not yet found a replacement for the time before the good government gig begins. Thankfully, I have business work to attend to and have been able to accomplish some things in my own office during the interim. It’s officially been 6 weeks since the government began processing my paperwork for the good gig. The person who would be my supervisor told me it would likely take 6-8 weeks. I’m hoping I hear soon.  Then I can relax and stop applying for gigs.
My business’ reputation continues to grow, which is very satisfying. Slow and steady.
I dog-sit again this weekend, but in a much more convenient location. I prefer the shorter dog-sitting stays because I don’t have to worry about having enough professional clothes with me.
The combination of barely earning money this week and the stock market correction definitely impacted my numbers. The ride just got noticeably more bumpy.
There’s been progress on the estate. I’ve been told that the death certificate is now signed, but I have not received the copies I’ve paid for yet. So I can still do nothing.
I got my next Invisalign trays. 14 more this round. I guess I can be financially grateful that I will have the next 3 months to pay down what I’ve spent on invisalign before having to shell out for whatever night-guard retainer we decide is best for my TMJ going forward.  Sadly, we couldn’t do the semi-annual appointment and I’ll need to go back in for the cleaning, but I’m going to wait to see what gig I get next, because that will impact my ability to get to the dentist.
 My relationship officially ended last weekend. True to my plan for myself, I am going to as many LGBT events as I can. Surrounding myself in community and making more friends. I had my last soccer game of this season. I’m planning on switching to the team I subbed for. They were a more natural fit for me.

This week’s net worth numbers

2/2/2018 2/9/2018
 Joy 1113 1113
 Travel 1  1
 Down Payment 19 19
 Retirement 21 21
Moving 287  287
 EF 57  57
Business 5  5
Life 2040  2140
IRA 17036  15841
Brokerage 884  812
Rewards Card 2 -5040  -5727
CC (largest)  0  0
CC (longest) 0  0
Rewards Card -5000 (BT)  -5000 (BT)
SL 1 -106179  -105857
SL 2 -46799  -46653
Earnest -1384  -920
 Net Worth -142939  -143861
Percentage Change -.63%  -.65%

What do you do to handle a breakup?

Net Worth Week 72 – Keep on Building Edition

Gentle Readers,
My interview happened and was published today! It’s still unreal and wonderful. The author did not expect such a fast turn-around either. She confused one of the minor details, which is important to remember when I read the news. This woman was meticulous and recorded our conversation and asked follow ups, but still misunderstood something.
My panel won’t be for many months, but I have done a tiny bit of the preparation. Small bites makes it less intimidating. Both of these things make me feel that the momentum is finally on my side.
I met with a more experienced woman in my profession this week and got a lot of great advice and camaraderie. It seems that she has sufficient interest in mentoring me. I can relieve some of her overflow work so she can focus on the more lucrative tasks. I get a little money and a little supervision. She gets annoying tasks off her desk. I think we both win here. I look forward to growing this relationship. She was warm and kind and very good at her job.
My business was also nominated for a small local award! It’s been quite a week. Even being nominated is a good sign for my reputation.
I’m still waiting for my invisalign and that next $2000 payment. My teeth are definitely ready. The pain is constant.

This week’s net worth numbers

8/18/2017 8/25/2017
 Joy 1108 1108
 Travel 1  1
 Down Payment 19 19
 Retirement 21 21
 Health 46 46
 Moving 285 285
 EF 11 11
Business 1005 5
Life 2722  2961
 IRA  13236  13341
 Brokerage 809  814
 Rewards Card 2 -3123 -3283
 CC (largest) 0  0
 CC (longest) -47  0
 Rewards Card -438  -388
SL 1 -105416 -105531
SL 2 -46451 -46501
 Earnest -3591 -3598
 Net Worth -139803 -140689
 Percentage Change .37% -.63%

Do you feel like you are the right side of momentum? 

Discretion – Necessary on the Path to Financial Freedom

Gentle Readers,

Discretion is one of your most valuable assets. In your career, friendships, and financial decisions. Discretion is directly linked to your reputation, and your reputation is priceless.

I have a co-worker whose financial and career choices are not working for her. It’s hard to watch, especially as I see previous versions of myself in her actions and inactions. I listen. If asked, I offer advice. Mainly, I just hope that she will stop making choices that are not serving her – the only polite thing to do.

Personal Discretion

My coworker owns her home and supports her extended family in it. A close-knit family can be a great thing. However, it can also be an emotional and financial stressor. Her family does not contribute to the household income, but wants to direct her income to luxury goods that she does not want. The guilt trips are incredible and painful to even hear about.

“My parents died. I need luxuries because life is short. You have not given me a grandchild. The least you can do is buy me a luxury car.” ~Mother

BRUTAL. Unfair. Unkind. Untrue. You do not owe anyone children. You do not owe others luxuries. You do not deserve to be manipulated. What her mother is doing is not right.

My coworker has a brutally long commute. She is exhausted. Before the luxury car demand, she had decided that her family could continue living in her home, but that she would rent closer to work. However, with her mother’s demand for a luxury car to replace a perfectly good car that now bores her, my coworker’s plan to move and greatly increase her time and happiness is delayed.

She and I discussed this briefly, and I pointed out that my coworker is not saving for retirement. Her mother is stealing her ability to protect her future self through this emotional and financial manipulation. Coworker agreed, but “cannot” be a bad daughter and family member. She feels like she is drowning in obligations, but cannot, yet, say no to her family.

Professional Discretion

Our work environment is toxic. We are merely visitors in it, but we see the shenanigans play out for the career-folks at our job-site. One of the middle managers quit with two hours’ notice. My coworker and I discussed the manager’s departure and wondered who would be the next to abandon ship. I suggested that the incompetent one would be unlikely to apply or be hired elsewhere. My coworker was offended.

“How could you want to harm someone’s money???”

I don’t.

I see that the incompetent one is a bad employee and would have already lost her position due to negligence in a better-run workplace. It would be hard for her to even get a good recommendation as her superiors think little of her. This set my coworker over the edge. She likes the incompetent one as a person.

Being a friendly person is not enough. A recommendation is about someone’s personality fit, but it is also about someone’s fitness to perform the job duties competently. When you offer a recommendation, you are telling someone to rely upon your reputation and discernment. You are telling them that your opinion matters.

I asked my coworker what sort of recommendation she could reasonably offer on behalf of the incompetent one. My coworker, without admitting she would lie, insisted that it is just too unkind to not say (untrue) positive things about a person. Coworker did not think my assessment was wrong. Coworker further offered that she could not give a non-positive recommendation to a person even if she hated them.

Readers, you don’t have to actually say anything negative to get a point across.

A person who wastes the reputation they earned by praising what is awful is showing no discretion and cannot be trusted.

I understand more of my coworker’s dilemmas now that I see her lack of discretion in non-financial spheres. I now know that, should my LLC ever need to hire someone, I cannot trust my coworker to direct anyone my way.  Her desire to appear friendly has already harmed her, and she does not realize it.

I hope she finds a way to make the choices she desires.

In the meantime, I will learn from her.

What do you think? Would you give a recommendation based on personality and not skills?