Net Worth Week 89 – A LOT of Work Edition

Gentle Readers,
These past few weeks have been a challenge. Now I’m on to a new type of challenge. I started a high overtime gig and was finally hired by a client for my business. That client, naturally has an immediate emergency order for me to fulfill. This is the first client emergency I’ve had to handle. I learned a lot in the process. Hopefully that will make me a better businesswoman. I also reached out to my mentors for feedback and direction. Vital. It’s very possible that this client may have continuing work for me, if they like me.
But I am earning money again, while waiting for the good government gig to start. It also has overtime, but does not market itself as 40 hours of OT a week for four months. So I am grateful. The vicissitudes of gig-life mean that I have another interview for this gig, but with a different section of the government. This agency is trying to secure me work that would not be impacted by any government shut down.
I still have not received the paperwork I’m expecting for my dad’s estate. I know it’s the holidays, but they told me 3-4 weeks. I’d like to fill it out and get my siblings their life insurance payment. I know that the estate part will still take some time, but it appears that his debts and assets matched up fairly closely. That is less urgent. I also would like the life insurance for me. I have plans for debt reduction and asset purchasing. It would also just feel different to have all of that money in my bank account for a little bit. With the financial uncertainty of this year, it will be nice to get the unexpected influx.
Soccer is on hold for two weeks due to the holidays and I’m trying to stay fit enough with some simple body-weight exercises at home. I have a hard time sticking to this with everything going on. But some planks and stretching do a lot.
I was able to do a few small holiday things, which was nice. I really do like greenery and festive people. I’m so grateful that my friend invited me to her home for Christmas. It’s her first time hosting and I love her and her sister and her sister’s kids.  It’ll correspond with the start of my dog-sitting, but hopefully that just means it will be easier to get out to her.
Yes, I will have a Rover client, a fast-turn around client and a new high overtime gig all at the same time. November and December should have balanced themselves better. But, I am finding that I’ve got the energy to do this all. It is weird, but the energy is there.

This week’s net worth numbers

12/15/2017 12/22/2017
 Joy 1111 1111
 Travel 1  1
 Down Payment 19 19
 Retirement 21 21
 Moving 286 286
 EF 57 57
 Business 5 5
Life 1481 1872
IRA 16064  16077
 Brokerage  863  861
 Rewards Card 2 -2947  -4269
 CC (largest  0  0
 CC (longest 0  0
 Rewards Card -5613 (BT)  -5600 (BT)
 SL 1 -105791  -105923
SL 2 -46623 -46683
Earnest -1827 -1831
 Repay brother  -600? -600?
 Net Worth -143493 -144596
 Percentage Change -.22% -.77%

Are you staying in your own place for the holidays or traveling this year?

Net Worth Week 72 – Keep on Building Edition

Gentle Readers,
My interview happened and was published today! It’s still unreal and wonderful. The author did not expect such a fast turn-around either. She confused one of the minor details, which is important to remember when I read the news. This woman was meticulous and recorded our conversation and asked follow ups, but still misunderstood something.
My panel won’t be for many months, but I have done a tiny bit of the preparation. Small bites makes it less intimidating. Both of these things make me feel that the momentum is finally on my side.
I met with a more experienced woman in my profession this week and got a lot of great advice and camaraderie. It seems that she has sufficient interest in mentoring me. I can relieve some of her overflow work so she can focus on the more lucrative tasks. I get a little money and a little supervision. She gets annoying tasks off her desk. I think we both win here. I look forward to growing this relationship. She was warm and kind and very good at her job.
My business was also nominated for a small local award! It’s been quite a week. Even being nominated is a good sign for my reputation.
I’m still waiting for my invisalign and that next $2000 payment. My teeth are definitely ready. The pain is constant.

This week’s net worth numbers

8/18/2017 8/25/2017
 Joy 1108 1108
 Travel 1  1
 Down Payment 19 19
 Retirement 21 21
 Health 46 46
 Moving 285 285
 EF 11 11
Business 1005 5
Life 2722  2961
 IRA  13236  13341
 Brokerage 809  814
 Rewards Card 2 -3123 -3283
 CC (largest) 0  0
 CC (longest) -47  0
 Rewards Card -438  -388
SL 1 -105416 -105531
SL 2 -46451 -46501
 Earnest -3591 -3598
 Net Worth -139803 -140689
 Percentage Change .37% -.63%

Do you feel like you are the right side of momentum?