Joining the Yakezie Challenge

Gentle Readers,

I read about the Yakezie Challenge before I started this blog, but I worried that I would not be serious enough to commit to what it requires. Luckily, I love blogging and have many ideas for posts. While past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results, I am comfortable in saying that I am officially joining the Yakezie Challenge.

If you are a fan of Call Your Girlfriend, it is similar to Shine Theory. When your friends do well, you do well. Their shine rubs off on you. I love interacting with people who are fascinated by anything. Maybe you learn about esoteric topics from them, or maybe they let you know about an unpublished event that would be amazing to sit in on. You never know what will happen when you are open to interesting people.

Fascinating people make great friends. They inspire you to do and be better. It is a joy to be friends with people who are living their dreams.

I have always been a fan of promoting others and encouraging them on their journeys – no matter where they are going. Outside of my blog life, I help connect people with the jobs and relationships and books they desire. I love learning what sparks my friends’ joy. A joyful person is wonderful to see.

The details

The Yakezie Challenge is the brain-child of Sam of FinancialSamurai and he describes it in this post. Of course, I’m going to to bring out his relevant information below.

To join the Yakezie Challenge :

1) Install the Alexa toolbar if not already and comment what your current Alexa ranking is. (Done.)

2) Write consistently 2-4 times a week on your own site and consider guest posting around the community including on to raise your profile. (In process)

3) Install the Yakezie Challenger Badge. (Done)

4) Announce on your blog that you have joined the Yakezie Challenge. (Here we are)

5) Selflessly promote others and build relationships. (In all of life)

6) Stay committed and consistent over the next 6 months!  (In process)

7) Introduce yourself on the Yakezie Challengers Forum and get to know your fellow Challengers and Members. (I’m not clear if this is still being updated)

8) After you’ve completed the 6-month challenge, let everyone know how it worked for you. If you’ve done it as intended, you could be invited to become an official Yakezie member. (See you on December 6, 2016!)

Persistence in relationship building is the key. You must show up for people. This is an online version of that. I like it a lot.

As of today, June 6, 2016, my Alexa ranking is 14,000,562 internationally and 1,489,921 nationally.

December 6, 2016 is six months from now.

Before December 6, 2016, I need to:

  1. Complete 27 weeks of 2-4 posts a week.  Or 54-108 posts.
  2. Get to 200,000 on Alexa. That is a 13,800,563 (international) or 1,289,920 (national) difference. This is definitely the hardest portion of the goal. ZJ Thorne is my first experience of blogging. I don’t know tricks. I just want to share my story and my learning. Hopefully that content will appeal to other people, but that remains to be seen.
  3. Support other bloggers in their goals. A delight.

Do you think the Yakezie Challenge is still achievable in light of how many blogs there are in 2016?

My Current Situation

Gentle Reader,

I am in debt. I do not wish to be. I wish to be able to retire early and only do the type of work that makes me feel better about the world. This blog is a personal attempt to document improving my financial situation while trying to improve the world.

I began life poor. I am now fortunate to be a professional in a city away from my former poverty. Jumping classes means that I look around and see a world I do not know. I am still learning how to navigate and master this new world.

This blog will document my journey to financial freedom, but it is also a place for me to share my plans to make the world more decent and fair. Largely, this will involve my being more decent and fair. A place for me to grow.
Every great journey must have an origin story, and your heroine, ZJ Thorne, has one ready for you.
In the past few weeks, a friend, Mabel, suggested that I buy her coop. I ran the numbers, and realized that even if I wanted her coop, I could not afford it. However, running the numbers made me realize how much I want out of my current living situation. Mabel inspired me to get serious.
Thankfully, my journey is not just my own. I have the pleasure of being in a relationship with The Beautiful One, TBO. She is not at a place where our relationship involves co-habitating, and thus, I decided that I need to focus on getting my financial house in order so that I can buy my way out of living with my PAR, passive-aggressive roommate, in the next year, if possible.
My professional life sees me as a W2 employee who bounces between gigs and the owner of a small business in a niche in the same field. My income varies greatly and feels impossible to predict, which has added that extra kink into planning.
My personal life is that of a young lesbian in a serious relationship with TBO in a major US city.
My hope is to conquer my personal and educational debt and achieve enough passive income to only accept the type of work that brings me joy.
My hope is to live in a place where I share the bathroom with noone I am not in love with.
My hope is to continue growing as a human and to encourage deep thinking about the world, and then seeking to change what can be changed.
My hope is to share that journey with you.
Inspired by J. Money,  I will share my net worth on a regular basis. The situation is dire, my net worth is negative $150,000. A very large, very negative number.
Date 3/28/2016 4/1/2016 4/8/2016 4/15/2016
Joy 1097 1097 1097
Travel 752 322 322
Down Payment 284 18 18
retirement 221 21 21
health 45 45 45
Moving 31 31 31
EF 9 9 9
Business 1 1 1
Bed 0.29 0.29 0.29
Life 471 1066 907
IRA 6928 6885 7026
Brokerage 220 217 221
CC (largest) -11883.98 -983 0
CC (longest) -567.28 0 0
Rewards Card -2762 -2850 -3000
SL 1 -101791 -101892
SL 2 -44970 -45001
Earnest -10000 -10009 -10036
–$151,164.31 -151728 -150890.71 -150230.71
-1.0% change -1.0% change .99% change .99% change
So this is where I begin my journey. Thank you for joining me on it.
I’d love to hear how your Financial Freedom is going.