Net Worth Week 91 – New Year Edition

Gentle Readers,
I learned on pay day last week that the bonus I earned takes an extra week to pay out. Very strange. There was some progress with the government gig. I’ll be fingerprinted next week. That likely won’t make the progress go faster, but I am glad to see forward motion. It’s good for the heart.
The dog-sitting is at an end for now. Thankfully. I prefer my own bed and access to all of my shoes.  It’s lucrative and gives me a break from my roommates, but definitely has some drawbacks, too. Wearing the same clothes repeatedly, on rotation, gets old. I like my wardrobe.
It’s still really nice to be working again. I know I’ve been at it for a little bit now, but it is so much easier to handle grief and stress when you have something to distract you for part of your days. And I appreciate the impact on my finances, obviously.
Still no life insurance paperwork nor the death certificates I ordered. I’ll have to make some phone calls. But first, I need to do something for a client on Saturday morning before going to my gig. I am working a large amount of overtime right now to try to get myself on more solid footing. Fear not, I am not allowing it to prevent me from seeing friends though. I accept every invite and seek out plans, when possible. This excessive work is short term, and useful, but I do look forward to a more reasonable pace soon.
Thankfully, I got to see a bunch of friends for New Year’s Eve and Day. I got hugs and support and food. And just time and some joy with good people. They encouraged me where I needed it and commiserated where appropriate. I’ve also done a lot of journal writing this week. When I make time for it, I find it to be a very useful activity. The written word can sometimes reveal more of the heart than long talks with people you love. Regardless of the outcome my girlfriend and I decide upon, we both have some important growth to do. For ourselves. Maybe together.

This week’s net worth numbers

12/29/2017 1/5/2018
 Joy 1111 1112
 Travel 1  1
 Down Payment 19 19
 Retirement 21 21
 Moving 286 286
 EF 57 57
 Business 5 5
Life 1633  2719
IRA 16384  16639
 Brokerage  858  866
 Rewards Card 2 -4200  -4200
 CC (largest  0  0
 CC (longest 0  0
 Rewards Card -5600 (BT)  -5400 (BT)
 SL 1 -106039  -106154
SL 2 -46736 -46788
Earnest -1835 -1839
 Repay brother  -600 -600
 Net Worth -144635 -143256
 Percentage Change -.03% .95%

What sort of side-hustle do you engage in that tricks you into forgetting  how annoying it can be? Putting my life on a dog’s schedule is not pleasant. Other people’s homes can have weird sounds at night.