Net Worth Week 29 – Halloween is Scary Edition

10/14/16 10/21/16 10/28/16
Joy 1101 1101 1101
Travel 323 323 323
Down Payment 19 19 19
Retirement 21 21 21
Health 45 45 45
Moving 284 284 284
EF 1005 1005 105
Business 1 1 1
Bed 0.29 0.29 0.29
Life 946 1942  2145
IRA 9914 10011  9917
Brokerage 400 399 391
CC (largest) -4559 -4559  -4499
CC (longest) 0 -62 0
Rewards Card 0 -383  -647
SL 1 -102929 -103044  -103159
SL 2 -45316 -45368  -45421
Earnest -7720 -7736  -7752
Net Worth -146463 -146000  -147122
Percentage Change .11% .31% -.76%

How are you celebrating Halloween?

Immediate Rewards are Rare in Finance and Activism

Gentle Readers,

I used some of my time off to go through old writings, and I was surprised at how many are still pertinent to my life and ideas. I know that I’ve grown, but the same core ideas matter to me. So much that has applied to my activism directly relates to my finances. I will be sharing the interesting ones.

Clearly this is in the past, before marriage equality was the law of the land.

Today, I was collecting signatures in support of the End Racial Profiling Act with my former job. One of the women I spoke with had a sign saying she was from Oklahoma and to ask her why she came. I asked.

“Because I have grandchildren. I want them to have breathable air. I want them to be employed. I want them to marry whomever they please.”

I asked this grandmother for a hug and thanked her.

These are simple things to want.

It is rare to experience immediate rewards in activism, but if you look around, the reward may already be visible. We never got ERPA passed, but community was built. Hearts were lifted. Hugs were given. These moments stay with us. We now have nationwide marriage equality, but there are more steps to take towards equity.

I don’t have financial freedom yet, but I know that I am on the journey. When I look around at my current situation and how it has changed because I’m on a journey to freedom, I can see the rewards. I can see my comfort and resilience grow. I can see that my inclination to put up with nonsense diminishes as my ability to support myself increases.

Have you noticed the tiny rewards on the way to freedom?