Net Worth Week 74 – Fall is Coming Edition

Gentle Readers,
With more hurricanes impacting the US South and the Caribbean and earthquakes in Mexico, I’m still supporting Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies. I may add in Doctors Without Borders.
Another week of waiting for my invisalign, and my teeth are unhappy. The nightguard I have has not been appropriate for my mouth’s current configuration for over a year. It’s taking a toll.
Happily, the great press has resulted in one new scheduled client meeting. I don’t yet know if they will hire me, but this is a good first step. I would feel a lot better about my business’ balance sheet if I had one or two new clients. Lastly, my business finally has a Facebook page. Enough people have tried to connect with my personal page that it seemed like a page could be a good idea. No cost and low effort may pay off. I did not have a page previously because my mentor didn’t. I also had followed her advice about websites for our niche, but people who contacted my office wanted one. Responding to your market matters.

This week’s net worth numbers

9/1/2017 9/8/2017
 Joy 1109 1109
 Travel 1  1
 Down Payment 19 19
 Retirement 21 21
 Health 46 46
 Moving 286 286
 EF 11 11
Business 5 5
Life 3431  3282
 IRA  13495  13555
 Brokerage 825  825
 Rewards Card 2 -3531 -3781
 CC (largest) 0  0
 CC (longest) 0  0
 Rewards Card 0  0
SL 1 -105647 -105503
SL 2 -46557 -46491
 Earnest -3606 -3147
 Net Worth -140092 -139762
 Percentage Change .42% .24%

How are you supporting after the latest disasters?

A Reminder Why So Many Women Are Anonymous on the Internet

Gentle Readers,

Part of the danger of being a woman is the ubiquity of information on the internet and how dangerous certain men are. I got a reminder of that this morning.

This summer a man I don’t know contacted me via Facebook about something tangential to my business. This person claimed a friend of mine sent him my way, which didn’t ring true because we are not close but she knows precisely what my business is. I told him that any business requests need to go to my business email and also that what he is asking about was too far afield of what I do. I told him to send me an email and I could potentially forward it to other business people who may be appropriate.

This man waited a week and sent his “explanation” back to me via Facebook. I told him again that I only respond to business information at my business email. (I didn’t know you could even share a word document via Facebook messenger).

I finally get the document and it is essentially a spam comment.  Absolute garbage. It makes no sense. It is ridiculous enough that I just ignore it, because there is no way to respond reasonably to nonsense and I’m not helping him spam other business people.

I blocked him on Facebook because he kept messaging me there to check in about his problem.

This morning he somehow got around the block and asked me if I’m scamming him. Yes, me. The woman minding her own business.

I go to block him, but think I should check his profile first to see what the hell is wrong with him.

This man has shared some of my statuses and a picture of mine (that wasn’t me, thank goodness, but still shows my profile photo as sharing the photo) awhile back.

This is creepy as all get out. My Facebook settings are set to high privacy. He should not have been able to share or see any of these things.

This man has my business email, which includes my business PO box, but not my physical location. A woman concerned about safety has to think about these things. Hopefully the worst he could do is send me mail. Any mail received would be unopened, but kept as evidence, if necessary.

And this saga is a small part of why I am anonymous on the internet. I have no idea what this man will do and he is currently mad at me for not responding to his garbage. He feels entitled even though he does not follow simple directions and he knows that my business does not cover his concerns. He thinks a stranger should go out of their way to help him find someone to help him.

I am not a social service organization. You are a creepy man.

I will be re-locking down Facebook to try to prevent this from happening again.