Net Worth Week 95 – A Change Is Gonna Come Edition

Gentle Readers,
The conference was exhausting, but served its purpose well.  I met some potentially good connections. I communed with other queer-folks. I saw friends. I agreed to mentor a friend on something I’ve been mentored on for my business and I’m looking forward to it. I even got to tell the person who mentored me how I’m finally able to start paying it forward.
Dog-sitting has reminded me that long commutes are terrible for being able to do anything. It is nice to not be with my roommates though. There has to be a better way to achieve that.
I finally received a small part of the estate paperwork I require, but still no death certificate. I’m wondering if the VA would like some media attention… The man has been dead for a few months. Someone needs to sign the damn certificate. I can’t process anything without it. His creditor would like their money. My siblings would like their life insurance. I would like to begin the process so that I can end the process at some point.
I am still waiting for my dentist to receive my next (last?) sets of invisalign trays. I’ve been wearing the current tray for triple the normal length. We even moved back my semi-annual appointment so that we could do both in one fell-swoop. So close! And my pain is definitely improved. I’m so glad I did this. Even though the expense has been great.
The good government gig is advancing me through. We are still waiting on a start date still. Huzzah! Back to higher pay, fewer hours, and more interesting work. And for the first time since I began temping, a supervisor who will supervise and who seems genuinely interested in my career. Very strange for gig work, but I am excited! It is coming at a good time. The current gig just cut our hours and it looks like at least some of us will be let go soon.
Skill building is still on the low burn, but once I am back in my own place it will be easier to get in to the new routine for what I think I need to focus on next.

This week’s net worth numbers

1/26/2018 2/2/2018
 Joy 1112 1113
 Travel 1  1
 Down Payment 19 19
 Retirement 21 21
Moving 286  287
 EF 57  57
Business 5  5
Life 2099  2040
IRA 17216  17036
Brokerage 894  884
Rewards Card 2 -4563  -5040
CC (largest)  0  0
CC (longest) 0  0
Rewards Card -5000 (BT)  -5000 (BT)
SL 1 -106063  -106179
SL 2 -46747  -46799
Earnest -1381  -1384
 Net Worth -142044  -142939
Percentage Change -.28%  -.63%

Have you ever felt a shift for the good in your finances even when they technically are not improving?

Expensive Shoes Can Be A Frugal Investment

Gentle Readers,

I love shoes.  As a lesbian who refuses to allow fashion to hurt me, I have some problems finding appropriate shoes for my professional work environment that follow my personal aesthetic. This problem is compounded by my walker’s lifestyle.

I am on a mission to have 5 pair of amazing shoes that I can wear for work and play. I want one pair per day of the work week.  Dressing in a manner I like is important to me. I perform my gender, and my shoes are a huge part of that. I also know that good shoes need a day or two to breath between wearings to extend their life. I am at 3 pair of amazing shoes. I’m on the lookout for 2 more.

I buy (or am gifted) expensive shoes because I prefer quality construction that is meant to last. I want shoes that I will be wearing for decades. I want shoes that do not harm my feet. Not all expensive shoes are expensive because they are good. You must be careful. I focus on quality construction and classic styles. I don’t trust brands.

You’ll notice that I do not wear heels, but I like a fancy look as I am a fancy lady. Finding shoes that work well with dresses at fancy events is a mean-feat if you ignore heels, but it is doable.

I have a further problem in that I have smallish feet. I adore men’s dress shoes, but most do not come in my size. I’m excited about Tomboy Toes, but I cannot personally recommend them yet as I have not worn any. If I hadn’t had work shenanigans impacting my finances, maybe I would have tried them this summer. Sigh.

These shoes, the Lita, from BedStu are my go-tos. I have them in a color they no longer sell. But they have been my main-stays for two years. I paid nearly $200 for them, and get them re-soled every year for ~$60. Absolutely worth it. I can walk in them day after day and never have foot pain from them. Most women can tell you how incredible that is.

I also appreciate Fleuvog’s Tuxedo Flats. Unfortunately, they are not available any more, but these are close.  They are beautiful and narrow. Perfect for fancier events, and do not cause me pain from standing. Sadly, they do not include much by way of arch support so they can not be for daily wear. My feet just won’t allow it.

These are the most beautiful shoes I own. I feel like I can take down any enemy when I wear them. I wear them like armor. I wear them when I anticipate a client is going to be tough. I still need to take them to the cobbler to stretch the toe-box a tiny-bit, but holy cow are they beautiful!

A good cobbler will lengthen the life of your shoes by many years. Especially if you are like me and do not drive, but walk and use public transportation for all your needs. My shoes and feet need this pampering so that they will both last me many decades. Men can expect this in their dress shoes, and I think all genders should be allowed this non-luxury.

Where do you find your professional shoes?