How I Got Here

Gentle Reader,

Every indebted person is unique in how they arrived to their indebtedness. The majority of my debt is educational, and contributed to my becoming a Professional. The debt is not just from my degrees though. I have used some of this debt to position my life and business in a way that I hope will sustain me in the near future.

My professional industry is rapidly changing.  Unfortunately, my entrance to my profession coincided with its crash. I have been working in gigs rather than a full career job since 2012. The gigs pay more than childhood me ever thought she would earn. The gigs pay more than the career I had always assumed I would have. The gigs pulled me away from considering the nonprofit work that would not pay me enough to live in this city.  For this, I am actually grateful. Having enough has taught me that work should not underpay me just because the work was important and necessary to the world. Work that cannot pay a living wage for its location while being location-dependent is unfair to workers and inappropriate. You should not have to take a vow of poverty to do good work.

In 2014, with the emotional and, at times, substantive, support of Mabel and TBO, I incorporated my own business in a niche within my professional field. I was able to do this by taking half of my liquid savings. All of my savings, outside of my investments in my brain and relationships, were liquid at this point because I was in a scary market and afraid of gigs drying up.

I used my investment in my LLC, and began slowly building it up while working gigs full time. I supported my life with the gig money, and also credit cards. I had some CC debt when this began, due to making a poor decision in a previous relationship. However, starting my business took so much from me and I did not feel able to get a bank loan. I never tried though. The CC debt and revolving gig work created a bad cycle.

My LLC is a bare-bones business that is able to support itself for the next few months without an infusion of cash from my personal accounts. I’m hopeful that my LLC will pay me for the first time this calendar year.

So my story is like many others’ before. Poor decisions in a relationship. Then fear keeping my savings liquid. Finally making decisions designed to take control of my life and financial well-being. This took longer than I am proud of, but I am still young enough to make my life resemble what I desire.

Wish me luck.

How’d you get where you are?

My Current Situation

Gentle Reader,

I am in debt. I do not wish to be. I wish to be able to retire early and only do the type of work that makes me feel better about the world. This blog is a personal attempt to document improving my financial situation while trying to improve the world.

I began life poor. I am now fortunate to be a professional in a city away from my former poverty. Jumping classes means that I look around and see a world I do not know. I am still learning how to navigate and master this new world.

This blog will document my journey to financial freedom, but it is also a place for me to share my plans to make the world more decent and fair. Largely, this will involve my being more decent and fair. A place for me to grow.
Every great journey must have an origin story, and your heroine, ZJ Thorne, has one ready for you.
In the past few weeks, a friend, Mabel, suggested that I buy her coop. I ran the numbers, and realized that even if I wanted her coop, I could not afford it. However, running the numbers made me realize how much I want out of my current living situation. Mabel inspired me to get serious.
Thankfully, my journey is not just my own. I have the pleasure of being in a relationship with The Beautiful One, TBO. She is not at a place where our relationship involves co-habitating, and thus, I decided that I need to focus on getting my financial house in order so that I can buy my way out of living with my PAR, passive-aggressive roommate, in the next year, if possible.
My professional life sees me as a W2 employee who bounces between gigs and the owner of a small business in a niche in the same field. My income varies greatly and feels impossible to predict, which has added that extra kink into planning.
My personal life is that of a young lesbian in a serious relationship with TBO in a major US city.
My hope is to conquer my personal and educational debt and achieve enough passive income to only accept the type of work that brings me joy.
My hope is to live in a place where I share the bathroom with noone I am not in love with.
My hope is to continue growing as a human and to encourage deep thinking about the world, and then seeking to change what can be changed.
My hope is to share that journey with you.
Inspired by J. Money,  I will share my net worth on a regular basis. The situation is dire, my net worth is negative $150,000. A very large, very negative number.
Date 3/28/2016 4/1/2016 4/8/2016 4/15/2016
Joy 1097 1097 1097
Travel 752 322 322
Down Payment 284 18 18
retirement 221 21 21
health 45 45 45
Moving 31 31 31
EF 9 9 9
Business 1 1 1
Bed 0.29 0.29 0.29
Life 471 1066 907
IRA 6928 6885 7026
Brokerage 220 217 221
CC (largest) -11883.98 -983 0
CC (longest) -567.28 0 0
Rewards Card -2762 -2850 -3000
SL 1 -101791 -101892
SL 2 -44970 -45001
Earnest -10000 -10009 -10036
–$151,164.31 -151728 -150890.71 -150230.71
-1.0% change -1.0% change .99% change .99% change
So this is where I begin my journey. Thank you for joining me on it.
I’d love to hear how your Financial Freedom is going.