Net Worth Week 81 – My Love is Here Edition

Gentle Readers,
My love is able to work from my home for a few days! Seeing her for more than a 24 hour stint is luxurious. I’m so grateful for her closeness. The badness in the world makes me want to be near her, but it has not been financially, or otherwise, possible.  We weren’t sure this visit would actually happen. So I have some business meetings to attend while she is here, but I am hoping to handle them with a laser-focus efficiency.
And, back to other bits of my reality.
Still no will yet.  I’ve not yet received my copy of his living will.
Favorite uncle is still in the hospital.
We are done to one pregnant person, because there is a new baby!
I did a ton for my business this week. There is one person in particular I’d love to hire me because I just really clicked well with her.
I’m still studying like a machine! For now, I am ahead in my 3 month plan, but we know that the best laid plans can fail. I’m just going to keep plowing through until there is an obstacle outside of my control.

This week’s net worth numbers

10/20/2017 10/27/2017
 Joy 1109 1109
 Travel 1  1
 Down Payment 19 19
 Retirement 21 21
 Health 46 46
 Moving 286 286
 EF 11 11
Business 5 5
Life 3001  3424
 IRA  15549  15469
 Brokerage 863  872
 Rewards Card 2  0  -1115
 CC (largest) 0  0
 CC (longest) 0  0
 Rewards Card -6168 (BT)  -6168 (BT)
SL 1 -105759 -105874
SL 2 -46608 -46660
 Earnest -2719 -2725
 Net Worth -140343 -141279
 Percentage Change .25% -.67%

I guess if my father does not draft a will, then the state he lives in will control everything and I do less; anyone gone through this?

Net Worth Week 30 – Don’t Sleep on the Job

10/21/16 10/28/16 11/4/16
Joy 1101 1101 1102
Travel 323 323 324
Down Payment 19 19 19
Retirement 21 21 21
Health 45 45 45
Moving 284 284 284
EF 1005 105 105
Business 1 1 1
Bed 0.29 0.29 0.29
Life 1942 2145  2256
IRA 10011 9917  9773
Brokerage 399 391  377
CC (largest) -4559 -4499  -4479
CC (longest) -62 0 0
Rewards Card -383 -647  -199
SL 1 -103044 -103159  -103275
SL 2 -45368 -45421  -45474
Earnest -7736 -7752  -7768
Net Worth -146000 -147122  -146887
Percentage Change .31% -.76% .15%

Have you picked out your Election Day outfit?

Why I Still Give As I’m Getting Out of Debt

Gentle Readers,

It is true that I am pursuing financial independence, and that I am beginning far behind the starting line to the tune of negative $146,000. I am working my behind off and pursuing many strategies to change my situation. However, I still donate time and money to good causes. Some folks in the PF sphere will think me mad, and that’s okay by me. Everyone is allowed their own priorities.

I donate and give gifts to people and causes who do not directly benefit me. I do this for many reasons. The main one being that I want the world to be better. It would break my heart to know that I spent the next five years so focused on my own financial situation and ignored the world around me. If I can make the world even slightly better as I’m going, I will. Future me will be grateful, I’m sure.

When a young couple I know recently had a child, I checked in after the birth to see what they were missing now that they know what this baby in particular was lacking.  Then I mailed it to them. I also sent them a meal of their choice. They are growing accustomed to being parents and starting to learn some of the true costs. I am a practical woman and usually give practical gifts. I love adorable baby clothes and items, but babies need rash ointment. I can give that.

When I learned a friend had lost his job in a way that will preclude him getting similar employment, I stopped mowing my own lawn and paid him to do it instead. I also began asking around to see if I knew of any opportunities for him.

When people I admire and respect run for local office, I donate. Currently, a teacher from high school is running and so is a woman I met at a gala a few years ago. I do not live in their jurisdictions, but I care that they have excellent, respectable leadership. Neither of these people are running out of hubris. They are running because they have concrete ways they want to improve their community. Local politics matters so much to our daily lives. I give them money. I want America to be better.

I could get out of debt faster if I focused solely on my debt, but that is not how I want to live my life. I want to consistently work on improving the world while also improving my own financially life. I choose both. I’ll get there more slowly, but the view is worth it.

Do you make money choices that are financially irresponsible but right for you?

Net Worth Week 13

Gentle Reader,

Man, the violence in our world is a lot sometimes. It is hard to be hopeful, but then I see the image of the strangers in Dallas who immediately surrounded a baby in a stroller when the shots rang out.  They were willing to put their body in harm’s way to protect a small life. That crowd was diverse and, I assume, did not all personally know that baby. They did not know why the shots were happening or who was being targeted, but they decided to protect a defenseless child. That is my hope for the world. That crowd of strangers who chose danger for another.

I know that y’all noticed I was quiet on twitter this week, and thanks for checking on me. PF bloggers are a great community. I had family in town and they had shenanigans to put me through.  I’m still trying to win my way to FinCon – in large part to meet y’all. It is already an honor to know you and I can only suspect that honor will grow when I can shake your hand.

My net worth plucked along in the positive direction and that small victory is helping me remember the destination this journey is leading me to.

I still love Earnest and credit them with my ability to conquer some of this debt.

Date 6/17/16 6/25/2016 7/1/2016 7/8/2016
Joy 1098 1098 1099  1099
Travel 323 323 323 323
Down Payment  19 19 19 19
retirement  21 21 21 21
health  45 45 45 45
Moving  31 31 31 31
EF  2597 2597 2002 2002
Business  1 1 1 1
Bed  .29 0.29 0.29 0.29
Life  1839 1140 1929  863
IRA  8285 8765 9580  9653
Brokerage  221 315 324 329
CC (largest)  0 0 0 0
CC (longest)  0 0 0 0
Rewards Card  -5300 -5347 -5675  -5247
SL 1  -102268  -102284 -102482 -102258
SL 2  -45017  -45067 -45112 -45010
Earnest  -9286 -9306 -9328 -8878
-$147390 -$147748 -$147222 -$147006
  -1.0% change -.24% change .35% change  .14% change

Have you been encouraged by small progress?

Net Worth Week 7 – Huge Wins Edition

Gentle Readers,

This week was full of surprises, but I ended up way ahead for the time being. Nearly 3% change in my negative net worth – in the right direction!

I had quite a few unanticipated expenses (a hotel and uber trips to the hospital and paying for Lifelock because of shenanigans at work). The Lifelock has now been reimbursed. The biggest unanticipated boon was finally receiving my tax refunds. One was dedicated to stocking my Emergency Fund. The other paid into my IRA.

My gig finally ended, which meant that I only worked 2 days this week for a W2 employer. It appears that I have a gig next week, but you cannot count chickens before they hatch. I have not applied to work at other gigs yet, which means I feel secure.

I’ve enjoyed my days off. I visited with friends and their baby. Ran some errands. Visited with an out-of-town friend. Worked on developing the skill to double my income. Lastly, I also worked at my LLC and enjoyed rest. It was a great position to be in. I could enjoy the time off and not worry about covering my bills. This would have been true without the tax refunds. I’m starting to get the hang of my finances and it feels wonderful.

The percent change was very different due to the tax refund. It felt great to stock up my Emergency Fund again!

Date 5/6/16 5/13/2016 5/20/2016 5/27/2016
Joy 1098 1098 1098  1098
Travel 322 322 322 322
Down Payment  18 18 18 18
retirement  21 21 21 21
health  45 45 45 45
Moving  31 31 31 31
EF  9 9 9 2597
Business  1 1 1 1
Bed  .29 0.29 0.29 0.29
Life  1526 2004 1716  2765
IRA  7346 7315 7295  8359
Brokerage  218 219 218  222
CC (largest)  0 0 0 0
CC (longest)  0 0 0 0
Rewards Card  -3426 -3718 -3890  -3998
SL 1  -102222  -102014 -102130 -102245
SL 2  -45102  -44988 -45024 -45059
Earnest  -9632 -9653 -9673 -9696
–$149746 -$149289 -$149942 -$145518
  .99% change .99% change -1.0% change  2.95% change

Do you remember the first time you had a big percentage change in your net worth?