Net Worth Week 67

Gentle Readers,
This week’s heatwave is worse than last week’s heatwave. The bandelettes  are doing their job. I need to venture out of my home this weekend for a friend’s brunch and a community theatre show. I’m not looking forward to foregoing the AC, but friendship decrees it!
This has definitely been a week of learning. I am very glad I attended that training last Friday even though it meant I did not get a full 40 at my gig. The knowledge and networking was worth it. I met a woman in my field who is interested in starting her own similar business now that she is financially successful and does not have to worry about income. We have a lot to discuss.
I continued with the intensive tutoring. Really big breakthroughs are happening, and I am exhausted. 2ish weeks to go! Then maybe a long nap!
This is my second week under -$140K!!!

This week’s net worth numbers

7/14/2017 7/21/2017
 Joy 1107 1107
 Travel 1  1
 Down Payment 19 19
 Retirement 21 21
 Health 46 46
 Moving 285 285
 EF 11 11
Business 1004 1004
Life 508  1480
 IRA  13304  13479
 Brokerage 817  824
 Rewards Card 2 -1693 -2045
 CC (largest) 0  0
 CC (longest) 0  0
 Rewards Card 0  0
SL 1 -105098 -105213
SL 2 -46306 -46359
 Earnest -4016 -4025
 Net Worth -139990 -139365
 Percentage Change .69% .45%

How are you handling your heat wave?

Author: ZJ Thorne

Lesbian on the path to Financial Freedom

  • Mr. Groovy

    Hey, ZJ. Sorry to hear the heat’s been unbearable in your neck of the woods. Things down here in Charlotte haven’t been too bad. We’ve been in the low 90s and the humidity has been tolerable. Mrs. Groovy and I have been getting are daily walk in before 9 am. Don’t really want to be outdoors in the afternoon. Glad to see the student debt is under $140K. Wiping it out is going to be a tough slog, but you’re making progress every week. Bravo.

    • The net worth is under -$140K, but the student debt is -$151K.

      The ability to plan your day around the weather sounds lovely. This weekend we are having another blast of rain. Hopefully the soil can absorb more.