Net Worth Week 49 – Stella Edition

Gentle Readers,
My new suit is still being fixed at the dry cleaner, I’ll write a post about this drawn out process soon.
I began talking to my friends about local orthodontist and invisalign costs and timelines. My crooked teeth are causing more pain and I need to use my money to lessen that.
Still couldn’t finish my taxes, because my W2 is wrong, again. This company was wrong last year, too. Same damn issue. Same nonsense of telling me that they aren’t wrong. If they don’t fix it by Monday, I’m reporting them to the IRS. Tired of their bullshit.
It was a busy week with Winter Storm Stella and my skill-building class, but I am feeling more and more confident in my abilities.
I see her in two weeks and I’m so excited!

This week’s net worth numbers

3/10/2017 3/17/2017
 Joy 1105 1105
 Travel 1 1
 Down Payment 19 19
 Retirement 21 21
 Health 45 45
 Moving 284 284
 EF 11 11
Business 1002 1002
Life 622 342
 IRA  12568  12812
 Brokerage 688  694
 Rewards Card 2 0 0
 CC (largest) -3999  -3500
 CC (longest) 0  0
 Rewards Card -1629 -1252
SL 1 -104057 -104172
 SL 2 -45831 -45883
 Earnest -5692 -5704
 Net Worth -144841 -144174
 Percentage Change -.70%  .46%

Were you impacted by Stella?


Author: ZJ Thorne

Lesbian on the path to Financial Freedom

  • What a pain that the company can’t get its act together. And of course they try to blame the employee for THEIR mistake. Ugh! Good to see that your business is running at a brisk pace. How have you found the client management piece? Sometimes dealing with clients who can’t be satisfied or can’t pay can be a job by itself. Has it been going smoothly for you so far?

    • My client management has been okay, but that’s because I have been very strong in the payment criteria.

    • I require half of the money when we sign the contract and won’t release the final result to them without receiving the other half. Folks who never intended to pay think this is unfair and that I should do a payment plan just for them. They are not my clients.

  • How messed up were the W2s??

    I didn’t even realize that was a thing that happened

    • They took out taxes for a jurisdiction I don’t live in for part of the year.

      • Grrrrr, bad company!

        That sucks — taxes are already confusing enough as it is without having to double-check everything.

        • Super bad company. They made the exact same mistake last year. Last year it took them months of my badgering them to fix it.