Net Worth Week 35 – You Better Work Edition

11/25/16 12/2/16 12/9/16
Joy 1102 1102 1102
Travel 324 324 324
Down Payment 19 19 19
Retirement 21 21 21
Health 45 45 45
Moving 284 284 284
EF 309 309 309
Business 1 1 1
Bed 0.29 0.29 0.29
Life 1632 2617  445
IRA 10170 10124  10988
Brokerage 406 399  664
CC (largest) -4332 -4341  -4341
CC (longest) 0 -98 0
Rewards Card -1443 -1683  -988
SL 1 -103378 -103477  -103334
SL 2 -45521 -45566  -45501
Earnest -7351 -7364  -6915
Net Worth -147712 -147283  -146880
Percentage Change -1.12% .29% .27%

Have you ever had the option of Unlimited Overtime? How much would you work if you could?

Author: ZJ Thorne

Lesbian on the path to Financial Freedom

  • Keeping it going! That’s great about continued interest in your biz, and I’d take it as a good sign that there’s so much activity during this usually-slowish “holiday season” part of the year.

    Unlimited overtime? As in, you’re “allowed” to work as many hours as you can? That was my whole durn career! Except it wasn’t so much a choice… I definitely worked the most hours running my own firm. That ended up being just about every waking moment. But I never qualified for the whole time-and-a-half thing. So my experience was less “unlimited overtime” and more just “unlimited workload”!

    • My slow season is actually summer I’m learning. Folks are less inclined then and I’m not sure why yet.

      I am allowed to work as many hours as there are in a week and I receive time and a half. It’s strange. I’ve been on projects before where they required 50 hours of work but did not pay OT. This is a new beast.

  • what’s the Joy column about? how have you managed to spend the same amount each month? I’ve got a funny image in my head of you going “I want this specific amount of joy! not a penny less or a penny more!”

    • Haha! Yes. I am particular about the amount of joy I consume. That’s saving for future joy.

  • “One worker spent 5 uncompensated hours trying to access the work website. That same worker announced her new employment and that she will leave us on Friday.”
    Heh! After reading the first sentence I was not surprised when I read the second one.
    I can only imagine how frustrating working for this employer is. Hang in there.

    • Super frustrating. But they should plan on folks finding other work. This is a temp job and most folks are seeking permanent employment. Our city is still hiring and probably will be for sometime.

      Unlike her, I only tried to access the system for five uncompensated minutes before concluding that it was not worth my time.